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Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome falls within the autistic spectrum.

Typical Problems
  • Interpretation of humour
  • May be clumsy or have poor physical and visual motor skills
  • May have difficulty separating reality from fantasy
  • May be sensitive to loud noises
  • Will invariably be upset by change of routine

The following issues may occur in class:
  • Difficulty blocking out distractions
  • Poor personal organisation
  • Inability to work in groups
  • Accepting correction
  • Poor handwriting
  • Taking class direction
  • Speaking out of turn
  • Lack of appropriate eye contact

Intervention Strategies
  • Positioning of pupil’s desk to avoid distraction
  • When possible, explain changes in routine
  • Skills learned in one subject may not be transferred to another
  • Shouting is NOT an effective strategy
  • Have a personal timetable
  • Keep language simple
  • Keep the tone of your voice even
  • The pupil may be slow to finish work; allow extra time
  • If all else fails “have a sense of humour”