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Study Skills
Study skills can be described as ‘learning how to become an effective learner and how to manage your own learning’. Possessing effective study skills is paramount in order to improve learning amongst students.

At Lisnagarvey we realise that no two people learn in the same way, and it is important that we explore study skills so that every student finds the skills that they require to learn efficiently.

A few important aspects of study skills include:
Time Management
Students often leave revision to the last minute and then realise the pressure of time constraints. Sometimes this can be avoided if time is properly managed. Creating and following a plan can help to keep a student on track with their revision and keep last minute stress levels to a minimum.
Note Making
Summarising classwork into revision notes requires you to use important thinking and writing skills which can be vital to gaining successful results. Being able to summarise effectively allows you to capture the main ideas of your classwork in a shorter space, using key words and phrases.
Mind Maps
Mind Maps are a fantastic way of organising a collection of thoughts, and are particularly useful when for example planning an essay.