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Pastoral Care

Effective pastoral care is instrumental in the creation of a supportive atmosphere in the school for both pupils and staff. Pastoral Care supports the development of the whole pupil intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and personally.  It is the responsibility of all teaching staff, therefore, it is fully incorporated into the classroom, however each student has specific pastoral teachers responsible for their well-being.


Parents and pupils are able to refer themselves/their child for counselling through the Familyworks website:

Every teacher has a pastoral role and every contact between teacher and pupil presents an opportunity to develop the caring and learning environment which we seek to provide at Lisnagarvey.


The staff of Lisnagarvey High School strives to eradicate bullying behaviours in school through the series of anti-bullying initiatives.  The clear message in our school is that bullying behaviour will NOT be tolerated. We want any pupil who feels threatened to know that they may report their fears in the knowledge that the person displaying bullying behaviour will be firmly dealt with.

The school’s Anti-Bullying ethos is reinforced throughout the year as the topic is discussed in lessons, at dedicated assemblies and during national Anti-Bullying Week.  Every student knows what action to take in the event that they are a pupil experiencing bullying behaviour, or witness to a bullying incident, and all staff are well trained in dealing with issues swiftly. 

Pupils displaying bullying behaviour will be sanctioned for their actions but the main focus of staff is to provide support to all pupils involved.  Pupils displaying bullying behaviour often act as a response to ongoing issues in their own lives.  We support those students, as well as offering security and support to the pupils experiencing bullying behaviour.

The full Anti-Bullying Policy is available from the school website.

Year Group

Year Head

Year 8

Mr P. Barrett

Year 9

Mrs B. McSherry

Year 10

Mrs G. Curran

Year 11

Mr N. Tinney

Year 12

Miss A. Johnston

Year 13

Miss S. Black

Year 14

Mrs L. Smith

Safer Schools App

The award-winning "Safer Schools NI" app has now been extended to include a version for young people to help keep them safe online.  It provides an invaluable support and we would encourage all of our pupils to download it.

This amazing app can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android by following the link below:

Click here to download the parent information letter.

Click here for Telephone Support Lines for Young People