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Lisnagarvey Maths


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What subjects are you studying?

I am currently studying Mathmatics

 A-Level, Subsidiary Diploma in

Engineering (Pearson BTEC) and ICT

(Person BTEC).

AS Results: A* A B

What top tip could you give to a

 year 8 student?

If I were to give a year 8 a top tip for

 entering “Big school”, I would

 highlight that secondary school is not

as scary as it seems. Do not let your

 nerves get the better of you when

 tackling new activities and subjects.

 As a new student you will push yourself into uncomfortable circumstances where you will need to make new friends or learn new topics for a new subject you have never done before. Everyone is here to help and support you through hard times and battle with your nerves. In Lisnagarvey we are like a big family, so therefore do as much as you physically can with as much help as you can get, because it will be a huge benefit in the future.

What are your plans for the future?

After school I will ideally want to go to University, I would like to enrol in a Civil Engineering course, which will involve topics that suits me very well, it will help me progress towards being a structural engineer in the future. It is a dream of mine to be a part of this line of work, where I can study, design and take part in the construction of buildings.


What is the strangest thing about lock down and how are you coping?

I think a lot of people will agree with me on this when I say, the hardest part of lock down was not getting to finish school and see my friends properly enjoy the glorious weather . As a teenager it is extremely hard to occupy ourselves during the lock down, because we love to socialise. To cope during this period, I have pushed myself to do as much exercise as possible, I have gone on many bike rides, runs every other day and even some water sports on the north coast, to do this I had to work around lock down restrictions which enabled me to be outside for a certain amount of time and travel certain distances. I also try not to think about what was supposed to be going on in the world and just simply focus on today and what I can actually do.

Lisnagarvey is…

Lisnagarvey is more than just a school, it is a place for learning, growing and developing as a person to become whoever we want to be. It is the place where we may discover our new found talents or interests, where we can be whoever we want to be.

Happiest memory so far in Lisnagarvey?

I have had a lot of great memories with Lisnagarvey and I have gone on many trips with school. In third year I went on the Belgium History trip. We did a lot of travelling to get to some of our destinations but it was well worth it. With the interesting facts and monuments, to the fun-filled theme park. It was a great opportunity to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. This is a trip that I would highly recommend and a memory that I will not forget.

What contribution do you plan to make as part of the student leadership team?

As part of the leadership team, I would like to bring a really happy and comfortable atmosphere for all students to get their work complete to a high standard. I would like a pupil from the student leadership team, each week to conduct a session of the homework club. I think homework is a key part of our learning, it gives us a sense of urgency which will prepare us for the future and it will further our skills in those subjects. Although some students may not have a good place at home to do their homework or their parents may work a lot which leaves an empty house. Therefore, homework club will provide a safe place for these students to do work and also a quiet place for their concentration levels to remain at a high level, this way they can get more done. The supervision of an older pupil will keep the room quiet and will provide help for any student who needs it, making this a great idea for our schools development.

Robert Holland, Head Boy

Head Boy and Girl

Robert Holland, Head Boy

What subjects are you currently


I am currently studying AQA GCE

Psychology, BTEC Subsidiary Diploma

Level 3 ICT and BTEC Extended

Certificate Level 3 Health and Social


What are your plans for your


My plans are to complete my A-levels

and then to go on further with my education, either at university or at a local college. I am keen to achieve more qualifications and to advance my skills further. I have a strong passion for the Health and Social Care sector and the work of Keyworkers in recent times has fuelled this passion further. I see myself as a very caring and chatty person and I love to see others thrive. Therefore, I believe a career within the Health and Social Care sector is a natural fit. 

Why did you choose to enrol at Lisnagarvey High School?  

I was originally set to go to a different secondary school, however, once I went for my introduction it did not feel right. I was not getting the right feeling from the school; I just knew it wasn’t for me. I had no idea what I was going to do and I was so overwhelmed with everything that encompassed starting ‘big school’. My Dad then made the decision to phone some of the local schools to see if they had any places available. It was a ‘no’ from most of the schools, but luckily Lisnagarvey said ‘yes’. In a strange way I did not choose Lisnagarvey, but in fact Lisnagarvey had chosen me! I am so glad that it did, as I have thrived here and have had so many exciting and varied opportunities.  

What achievements have you accomplished?  

Throughout my six years, I have been able to achieve so much from many different areas of school both in sport and academia but there is one subject in particular that has given me huge satisfaction and a renewed self-esteem and that is… Mathematics! I was never particularly strong at Mathematics in primary school and I did not have confidence in my ability, nor did I feel I would ever to be able to achieve anything worthwhile in Mathematics. When I first started in Year 8, I was placed in a lower maths class compared to the rest of my form class. This was a very good decision by the school when I look back on it now. Even at that very young age I knew then it was going to take hard work and determination if I wanted to move up into the higher class and achieve successful results. I worked hard alongside an amazing Mathematics Teacher, Mr Bell who then got stuck with me for five years as I kept moving up a class each year. When I moved into Senior School, after working so hard for three years, I found myself in the top Mathematics class with this newly found confidence sitting higher tier exams and passing them to achieve an overall B in GCSE Mathematics. I do not share this experience to boast of an amazing accomplishment, but more because I want others who perhaps struggle with a particular subject to recognise that with excellent support and the correct attitude and determination they too can achieve success! 

Letitia Clarke, Head Girl