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Head Boy, Head Girl and Vice Principal
Head Boy and Head Girl
Head Boy - Charlie Laird
Head Boy - Charlie Laird
First and foremost, I would personally like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Lisnagarvey High School. I remember when I was making my choice on which secondary school I was going pick, I was unsure of where I was going to go. Then I came to Lisnagarvey and I instantly felt right at home. The teachers were extremely friendly and welcoming, which put all the doubts in my mind to rest and from the moment I left that open evening, I knew that Lisnagarvey was the school for me.

I will admit that when I first joined Lisnagarvey High School, I did not settle into my new school overly well. I struggled a great deal with adjusting to my new routine and an increased workload. However, I did receive a lot of much needed help and support from some of the incredible teachers who work within our school; these teachers helped me adjust to my new routine and helped me better manage my work, through writing out schedules which is something I still use to this day. I would implore any student who is going through a hard time with transitioning to a new school to speak to someone about it, as I know that you will receive the appropriate guidance and support, that should help to get you out of any rough patch that you may find yourself in.

As I have gone through my time here at Lisnagarvey, I have had clear goals that I have set for myself as well as expectations that I expect myself to adhere to. This has included a variety of different goals throughout my time here; from something as simple as getting onto the school football team, to achieving my results at GCSE, to more recently applying and getting the Head Boy position. However, I would add that I would not have been to achieve any of these things if it had not been for the determination and hard work not only of myself, but of the teachers who taught me over my time here.

Within Lisnagarvey, there are an array of different opportunities that I would implore you to take advantage of, both from an academic and sports perspective. Personally, over my time here I have enjoyed many of the opportunities that have been more sports orientated, such as the school’s archery club as well as both the school’s football and rugby teams, and I have been fortunate enough to represent both teams in the finals of tournaments. As well as this, another opportunity that the school offers is a variety of events which are undertaken to help charitable organisations. One of these being a yearly walk done to support the charity Action MS which helps those who have multiple sclerosis.

Finally, I would just like to say that I know how difficult the past 2 years have been for everyone and that entering a new school for, in some cases 7 years, can be daunting. However, I know that you will come to treasure your time here at Lisnagarvey High School and enjoy making memories that will stay with long after you depart. However, if you do find yourself struggling, I just ask that you talk to someone about it, as I know that they will do their best to help you. Once again, I would like to welcome you to Lisnagarvey High School and wish you all the best of luck.
Head Girl - Rachel Edgar
Head Girl - Rachel Edgar
Hello, firstly I would like to introduce and welcome you to Lisnagarvey High School! When I was first joining the school, I remember opening the doors to the huge school and I will admit I was terrified to take the huge jump from primary school to high school. When I was deciding on where to move to at the end of Primary 7, I was so conflicted with all my options. However, when I found Lisnagarvey, I just knew that this was the perfect school for me; entering the door I felt all the anxiety fade away as I knew I would soon come to fall in love with the school and all its attributes.

Before I go any further, I want to say that I know how hard the last two years have been as we have all been going through a difficult time and that I know that different people have been dealing with the situation in different ways. Nonetheless, no matter what you are going through, I can ensure you that the staff at Lisnagarvey High School will provide the care and support that is needed. I have never seen such an open and more supportive school, no matter if you are only on your first day or your last, the teachers make the school so welcoming and make you feel that no matter what is happening you are not going through it alone.

I will admit that my first days in Lisnagarvey were confusing, as I did not know where certain classrooms were. Nevertheless, the more time I spent in the wonderful school the more I grew to love every inch of the school and all the turns and bends that it holds. The school has had an excellent subject range, as from years 8-10 you will get to experience all of the subjects that Lisnagarvey to prepare you for the hard choice of GSCEs. However, you are not alone in this decision making as Lisnagarvey provide the best support to allow you to make the right choice for you, to help you to have a bright future and to help you to achieve the best version of yourself. When I made decisions about my GCSEs, I remember that I was able to set goals to help me to achieve what Lisnagarvey saw that I could. The most significant point in this part of my time in Lisnagarvey, was the change in teaching to help me to better understand the work, but even though I was taught differently I was always included and never left behind.

Lisnagarvey does not just help you to academically achieve your goals, but also your physical and mental goals. In terms of your physical goals, we have a wide range of sports teams that anyone can join from football to table tennis, from netball to basketball. The feeling of being in a team and that everyone supports you is one of the best feelings in the world and there no other like it. There are not just these sports we also have a Combined Cadet Force, which opens a lot of doors for both your CV, including your teamwork and leadership skills, but also can help to make lifelong friends and bonds that could last forever. The support that I have already mentioned is only a fraction of what it is really like; there are no words to describe the care and support that you receive not only form the teachers but also from your friends and the rest of the school. Nonetheless, the school does have a counsellor to provide the best care for their students and to make sure that all students feel safe and at home within the school.

Finally, I want to again say that I understand that this pandemic has made you miss out on some major milestones, but I promise that you are ready to take this next step. Also, just know that when you take it, you are not alone and you will have all the help that you need. I promise that you will fall in love just like I did, because I do not know how you could not love Lisnagarvey!