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Success. It’s something that everybody strives to possess, but in reality what is success and how do we achieve it?... What is the secret to success? Simply put, there is no secret, it is the result of hard work, preparation and learning from failure.

Throughout my tenure in education I have achieved my fair share of success, from my impressive AQE and GCSE Results to being awarded the Senior Endeavour Award last year, I have always worked hard and sacrificed in order to realize my goals.

As a result of my hard work and sacrifices, I was able to earn the most important and valued accolade that I have achieved in my life: to be appointed Head Boy of Lisnagarvey earlier this year. Becoming Head Boy is a badge of honour that I wear with pride, every single day. This is not just because it is a position that is not earned easily; it is also because it is an accolade which I believed was entirely out of my reach. Why? Because when we think of a Head Boy or Girl, we think of someone outgoing, confident, gregarious. Yet I am a quieter individual. So what gave me the confidence to even apply, you may ask. The answer is simple: this school. The ethos created by the staff in this school is truly one of success for all, of being an individual – in other words, we are shown how to believe in ourselves and in reaching for the seemingly unattainable. The Head Boy title represents so much to me personally, it shows how I have developed as an individual during my time at Lisnagarvey, from being a shy, quiet boy who would stutter at the thought of having to perform a presentation, to now being confident enough to stand up in front of everyone and deliver a speech on Prize Day.

When I look back on my time at Lisnagarvey and think about all of my accomplishments and developments, I can’t help but feel that none of them would be possible without the immense support that is provided by all of the staff members here at Lisnagarvey. They all work tirelessly, every day, to ensure that each and every student in this school fulfill their potential.

At the beginning of my message I know that I said that there is no ‘magic key to success’, however I truly do believe that Lisnagarvey is the closest to the magic key that we can all get.

Before I conclude, I would like to congratulate all of the pupils. I also hope that you are able to achieve your goals, no matter how far out of reach you believe they may be. Remember, Success for All is possible – and you all have something close to a ‘magic key’ – please use it!

Thank you.

Thomas Rea, Head Boy

I would like to introduce myself, as the Head Girl of Lisnagarvey and share with you some of my experiences of secondary education.  

In 2013, I began my educational journey in Lisnagarvey. Looking back now, it seems like such a long time ago, however, time has flown by!

I guess I was attracted to Lisnagarvey because of the friendly and approachable staff. Transitioning from primary education to secondary education is a huge step, and I felt the staff at Lisnagarvey made that process much easier for me. They took a genuine interest in me and helped me settle in very quickly.

One of the most significant changes, but also very exciting, was the opportunity to move classes to study a variety of subjects throughout the day. Yes, there were occasions when I did get lost, but there was always someone there to help (whether that be a classroom assistant, teachers, building supervisors or fellow students) to help me find the correct classroom.

My favourite subject as a key stage 3 pupil was P.E. I loved the opportunity to play netball, participate in matches and competitions and develop my skills. P.E. provided me with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills but in an exciting and engaging manner.

Within no time at all, I had arrived at the stage of selecting my subjects for GCSE. It was an exciting time, but also a time of great anxiety because I wanted to ensure I made informed decisions that would fit with my career path. The staff within Lisnagarvey provided this guidance and direction to help me within this very important stage of my secondary education.

I went on to achieve 8 GCSE’s A*- C, including maths and English, this was only possible because of the excellent working relationship between myself and the staff. The support that I was given was so important and played a vital role in my success.

Currently I am in the process of applying to university. I have obtained excellent As results (A*, A, C) which has enabled me to pursue courses at third level education that tie in with my career path.

To finish, I would like to offer one piece of advice to anyone considering Lisnagarvey as their choice of school, whether they be year 8, 10 or even sixth form. Determination is the key to success, if you want to do well within Lisnagarvey you need to be willing to make changes to ensure you get want you want at the end of your school years.

Emma Morrow, Head Girl

Head Boy and Girl