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Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

Timetabled Classes

Careers education is delivered from Years 8 to 12 through Employability during LLW.   During this time students have opportunities to:

Discrete CEIAG lessons are delivered to Years 13 & 14. As part of this programme students have opportunities to explore options for further study and to apply for university through UCAS in Year 14. During this time many employers and universities and colleges present information to students.

Throughout all year groups students use Progress Files to reflect on their skill develop and personal career plans. All teachers across all departments provide opportunities for students to develop employability skills and gather information regarding occupations and industries related to their subject area.

Individual Careers Guidance

Lisnagarvey High School we offer a child centred approach to Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance.   In Year 10 students benefit from one to one interviews with form tutors, CEIAG teachers and the DEL Careers Advisor to aid the process of selecting their GCSE choices.


n Year 12 students take part in an interview with the Careers Advisor. During this time, students devise a Careers Guidance Action Plan. Students then have a follow- up interview to check their progress and to get guidance on the next stage of their career planning.

The DEL Careers Advisor is present at all parents evenings for Years 10, 12, 13 &14.

Education Industry Links

Our aim is to ensure that students are knowledgeable about the careers available to them.  We work closely within the Lisburn Area Learning Community Careers Sub –Group as well as the Lisburn Business Education Partnership to ensure all pupils benefit from a range of opportunities to get experience of industries.  We also have close links with employers who regularly deliver information to students.  Individual subject areas provide opportunities for industry visits.

Experience of Work

Students have the opportunity to complete work experience placements in Year 11 & 13. Work experience is a valuable opportunity for students to investigate the suitability of particular careers for them.

Resources Available in School

Useful Online Resources