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SEN Curriculum Support

Including Literacy and Numeracy

Subject teachers can avail of the services of a support teacher or classroom assistant to work with pupils with special educational needs.


 Pupils are selected on basis of their test results and teacher referrals for additional support.


This support may comprise of:

  1. In class support- where an additional teacher works with pupil(s) in
                            order to simplify the work.
  2. Withdrawal –

      Group :        Small groups of 3 -4 individuals are withdrawn from
                          class to given extra tuition in English and Maths.

      Individual :   Where a child is deemed to have a Specific Learning

                          Disability he/she may be given individual tuition for

                          Literacy or numeracy 3-4 periods a week.

In withdrawal situations pupils will have an education plan and will be taught according to their individual needs.  Parental support will be requested and pupils will maintain reading diaries.


Curriculum support may be offered to pupils in Key Stage 4 to assist with their examination programme and to ensure pupils are able to cope with the workload and their coursework.