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Support from Outside Agencies

SEN staff can avail of support for pupils from various outside agencies.  If a child is referred to an outside agency who works for The Education Authority, they will have reached Stage 3 of the Five Stage Model of the Code of Practice.  This means that after using strategies for stages 1 and 2 more support is required.

Such outside agencies consist of the following:

Ardmore House School – a school for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties at Key Stage 3 in school.  An outreach teacher will come to school once per week to support a pupil and if necessary an application for placement at Ardmore can be made.  Placement is usually for one term only.

Alternative Education Programme – if a pupil reaches Key Stage 4 and is still struggling with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties application can be made to gain a place on a more suitable education programme.

Educational Psychology – if there are concerns that a child is not making progress a referral can be made for consultation with the allocated school psychologist.  The psychologist may simply give advice or carry out assessments with a view to a statement and SEN provision.

The Education Authority’s Sensory Service – this service provides advice to school and support for pupils with hearing or visual impairment, on the Autistic Spectrum or has another type of specific complex need.

EA Literacy Service – will offer advice to schools for a pupil with a specific learning difficulty such as Dyslexia.

Middletown Centre for Autism – offers support and training for teachers and parents. Parents can find out what programmes of training and support are available at 02837515750.