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Move over Gordon Ramsay!

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Lots of laughs in Liverpool!

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Paul’s Poem - The Refugee Crisis

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Lisnagarvey Maths


Standardised Testing

Baseline Testing Programme

Any pupil scoring 80 or less would be deemed to have possible special needs in literacy, numeracy or both. Therefore they will be tested using Neale Analysis.

Neale Analysis is an individual reading test which indicates individual reading difficulties. Scoring of the test gives an accurate reading and comprehension age.



NFER Progress in English 11

NFER Progress in Mathematics 11

Year 8

NFER Progress in English 12

NFER Progress in Mathematics 12

Year 9

NFER Progress in English 13

NFER Progress in Mathematics 13

Year 10

NFER Progress in English 14

NFER Progress in Mathematics 14