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As Head Boy of Lisnagarvey High School, it is
with great pride that I welcome you to our
school website.

I trust that after reading the information given
within it, that you will have a clear understanding
of our school values: ‘success for all’, ‘mutual
understanding’, ‘caring and responsible’ and
‘meeting the needs of the individual’, and it will
be evident how these values impact upon every
aspect of school life.

I became a student at Lisnagarvey in September 2009.  It was not my first choice, and, to be truthful, my heart sank when I did not receive the grade I had hoped for in my Transfer Test.  I wanted to attend a grammar school and to achieve high academic standards, how could I possibly achieve my ambitions at a high school?  My confidence and self-esteem were crushed and I did not feel ready to enter year 8.

However, on entering Lisnagarvey High School, my Form Tutor and Head of Year, Mrs Dowse, and indeed all my teachers, had other ideas!  From the outset they equipped me, and my new classmates, with a motivational, ‘can do’ attitude that restored self-confidence, and, more importantly, instilled self-belief.

At the age of 16 I sat my GCSEs and achieved 5A*, 1A, 4B, 1C. 11GCSE passes in total; achieving the highest academic standards in my year and being awarded with the Bell Memorial Shield for Outstanding Achievement. Upon receiving such excellent grades I had the option of continuing my studies at grammar school.  However, for me, there was no choice to be made!  My experience at Lisnagarvey was one that I wanted to continue.  The respect, guidance and support, both academic and pastoral, that had helped me through years 8-12, was what I wanted for my A level studies.

My success continued throughout my AS level year, and I received 3 passes, enabling me to return to Year 14 to complete my A2 studies.  I hope to maintain my high grades throughout this year and apply to study at university.  It will be difficult to leave Lisnagarvey but I know that my experience there will have prepared me well for the challenges of degree.

So, my final message to all P7 pupils who are worrying about which school to choose, is this, choose Lisnagarvey, you won’t regret it!  I definitely don’t!!

Best wishes,

Shane Dickson (Head Boy)

Ross Easton, Head Boy

Head Boy and Head Girl’s Welcome

As I have reached my final academic year at
Lisnagarvey High School, I thought It was time
to reflect on my journey prior to joining this
striving school and my amazing experience as
a pupil here for seven years.

I clearly remember arriving at Lisnagarvey for my
first time as a nine year old, who was accompanying my older sister to football practice one night. I walked through the double doors thinking no entrance could ever be taller. I walked through the historic halls and into the assembly hall, I sensed friendly vibes all around me. After that night spent at Lisnagarvey I always felt a connection to the school that pulled me back three years later.

As a primary school student, I did not do very well academically, to be truthful I didn’t even know my 6-12 times tables by the time I was in primary 7. With my peers, all excelling around me completing their transfer test, I felt insecure and pressured to be better when I never thought I was capable. I did not complete the transfer test that would give me the chance to go to a grammar school, because I knew that Lisnagarvey was the school for me.

Lisnagarvey was a fresh slate for me, being placed in the second highest streamed class I was astounded! My academic confidence grew massively as I was going to a school with those of a same capability to me. I remember the first day of first year, standing with my knee-high socks and a school bag nearly weighing me to the floor. I could not wait to start my journey.

Six years have now passed and from my time here I have learnt that we are individuals.

No matter where your strengths lay, whether it be academically in Maths and English or physically in PE and sports, Lisnagarvey High School has the power to help each soul reach their full potential, and achieve some sort of grade in subjects that may not be favored by the individual. I didn’t have a strong point for Mathematics and always remained average in the class. However, I achieved my grade C at GCSE, and do not regret working hard to fight my weakness.  However, I found a new love for English when I came to Lisnagarvey that I never knew I had and overall achieved an A grade at GCSE.

 Lisnagarvey High School is a cozy building that accommodates double the population than it did ten years ago, which not only gives you the opportunity to make more friends but also have a strong and supportive family around you; I have never felt so proud to wear a uniform. Lisnagarvey High School will nourish you with love, support and knowledge that will allow you to grow from being a tiny seed to a fully bloomed flower that will flourish into the big world.

Everyday pupils around me are accomplishing new things and achieving targets that they thought were unreachable. There is a place for everyone in Lisnagarvey, and something for everyone to do that will allow them to develop as a person. This could be performing in the school choir as a group until you build up enough confidence to sing a solo, or joining a school sports team to build up skills that would allow you to join a club outside of school. The world is your oyster. As I have reached the final year that I will spend In Lisnagarvey I only wish that time would slow down.

Writing this for the pupils that are yet to come, I have reflected on my time at Lisnagarvey and feel a major mix of emotions. This school has allowed me to become a role model which I am grateful for, as I love to teach people that it is ok to be different and not follow what all your friends are doing. I also like to demonstrate to pupils that confidence is not a bad thing that should be laughed at and that it should be embraced, because nobody ever got anywhere doing nothing. Joe Namath once said “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” I look forward to meeting the future role models of Lisnagarvey High School at our Annual open night and Year 7 induction day and I hope that you enjoy your school years by using the time that you have to the best of your ability as time is precious and cannot be bought.

 I will always remember Lisnagarvey for the positive experience it has given me, I really have been given the ultimate high school experience and friends to last me a lifetime. Lisnagarvey will forever remember me just as I will remember it.

“With confidence, nobody can deter you”

Maeve Timoney

(Head Girl 2017-2018)

Maeve Timoney, Head Girl