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Lisnagarvey Maths


As Head Boy of Lisnagarvey High School, it is
with great pride that I welcome you to our
school website.

I trust that after reading the information given
within it, that you will have a clear understanding
of our school values: ‘success for all’, ‘mutual
understanding’, ‘caring and responsible’ and
‘meeting the needs of the individual’, and it will
be evident how these values impact upon every
aspect of school life.

I became a student at Lisnagarvey in September 2009.  It was not my first choice, and, to be truthful, my heart sank when I did not receive the grade I had hoped for in my Transfer Test.  I wanted to attend a grammar school and to achieve high academic standards, how could I possibly achieve my ambitions at a high school?  My confidence and self-esteem were crushed and I did not feel ready to enter year 8.

However, on entering Lisnagarvey High School, my Form Tutor and Head of Year, Mrs Dowse, and indeed all my teachers, had other ideas!  From the outset they equipped me, and my new classmates, with a motivational, ‘can do’ attitude that restored self-confidence, and, more importantly, instilled self-belief.

At the age of 16 I sat my GCSEs and achieved 5A*, 1A, 4B, 1C. 11GCSE passes in total; achieving the highest academic standards in my year and being awarded with the Bell Memorial Shield for Outstanding Achievement. Upon receiving such excellent grades I had the option of continuing my studies at grammar school.  However, for me, there was no choice to be made!  My experience at Lisnagarvey was one that I wanted to continue.  The respect, guidance and support, both academic and pastoral, that had helped me through years 8-12, was what I wanted for my A level studies.

My success continued throughout my AS level year, and I received 3 passes, enabling me to return to Year 14 to complete my A2 studies.  I hope to maintain my high grades throughout this year and apply to study at university.  It will be difficult to leave Lisnagarvey but I know that my experience there will have prepared me well for the challenges of degree.

So, my final message to all P7 pupils who are worrying about which school to choose, is this, choose Lisnagarvey, you won’t regret it!  I definitely don’t!!

Best wishes,

Shane Dickson (Head Boy)

Shane Dickson, Head Boy

Head Boy and Head Girl’s Welcome

As we entered this new academic year, the
pupils, parents and staff of Lisnagarvey High
School yet again had the pleasure of
contemplating another year of success. None of
this success would be possible without the
determination of the pupils and the caring,
determined and diligent staff, who always go
‘above and beyond’ to facilitate our successes.

I should have been terrified on my first day as a
Year 8 here – new school, new scarily huge
building, new teachers, new friends to try to
make. My older brothers who were already pupils here had beseeched me not to worry – ‘Garvey was a great school. I was still worried though! Fortunately, the terror did not last long. Almost as soon as I toddled through those famous double-doors, I just felt it. There was something about the way the teachers were moving between the pupils, chatting, welcoming and smiling – I knew I had chosen the right school!

The next six years proved my first impressions to be correct. No one is a ‘natural’ in all subjects. No one’s life is constantly straightforward. Yet each and every one of us always received the support – academic or pastoral – that we needed. Between one-to-ones, extra classes, clubs, trips and even the odd intervention, we all got closer and closer to being prepared for life after school. Yet, though all of this support, one of the most important things we learned is that WE are the masters of our own destinies!  

I know a lot of Primary & Pupils will be feeling apprehensive at the minute, as they worry about adapting to new surroundings…. I just want to let you all know, that if you chose to join the Lisnagarvey family, you will have chosen a wonderful school, one that really embodies its core values - one that you will grow to love, just as I did.

Our school is a place where ALL individuals enjoy their own personal victories, big and small, every day. These are victories that take us, step-by-step, closer to becoming well-rounded, competent and confident individuals, who can look forward to contributing positively to the working world and the wider community.

As I write this, I feel a mixture of emotions. I feel proud to be a role-model in a school that has given me so many role-models of my own. I feel excited to welcome new pupils during our Year 7 Induction Days in June, but I also feel sad; I am sad that this will be my last year, wearing this uniform, walking these corridors, learning within these classrooms and being a part of the family that is Lisnagarvey. I’ll just have to become a part of the extended family, instead!

Best Wishes

Courtney Wright (Head Girl)

Courtney Wright, Head Girl