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Lisnagarvey High School recently marked Computer Science Education week between 7th and 11th December 2015, by holding a number of Hour of Code events.

Hour of Code is the largest learning event in history, and has been backed by many important figures and celebrities, such as President Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Ashton Kutcher.  Companies such as Google, Yanoo, Disney and Bing have also been supporting the event. Across Apple stores worldwide, thousands of coding events were held on 10th December.

During the week, 12 classes across Years 8-10 became involved with the events and thoroughly enjoyed learning new coding skills.

Natasha Roberts 9A2 -

“I played Minecraft within the hour of code. I found parts of its quite easy and other parts difficult.  Once I knew how to make my character turn I found it straight forward to build a house – this was probably the biggest challenge.”

Dylan Conn 9A2 -

“I chose Flappy Bird to play as it is a game I have played before on my phone. I found the hour of code very fun because it’s almost like I was creating the flappy bird game, I could give it any instruction I wanted as I was in control. Coding a game like this is definitely something I would like to do again.”

Zara Todd 10A2 -

“I chose the Frozen game because the pictures made it look interesting. I had no experience of code before so this was something new. I enjoyed it because I had to figure out all the codes to make the snow flake. This is something that I would do again. I also really loved the videos as it made the coding much easier to learn.”

Luke Morrow 10A2 -

“I chose to play the Star Wars game as it look interesting and fun. I felt it was an easy to use website and found it quick to learn the different commands (code). I got over 10 levels completed which gave me a good idea of what coding is needed for basic gaming.”

Hour of Code comes to Lisnagarvey High School