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Conleth Kane resides in London, but agreed to take time out of his busy acting schedule (he is currently performing in the Christmas Pantomime in the Grand Opera House, Belfast) to come chat with pupils here in Lisnagarvey, for pupils who are strongly interested in pursuing careers in Drama/Music.


Within his short career, Conleth has already clocked up quite an impressive profile amongst today’s celebrities. He has performed on stage alongside Liam Neeson, James Nesbitt etc. and was an actor in the BBC’S popular series – ‘Casualty’. As a singer, Conleth was a finalist on RTE’S Talent show ‘Fame’ and he has sang alongside various celebrities including Pink - in an advertisement for Vodafone. To the pupils of Lisnagarvey, Conleth was viewed as a ‘Celebrity’ when he visited.


More information on Conleth can be read here.


Renowned actor visits Lisnagarvey High School